Essence Festival 2016 + Cantu Beauty

Essence Festival 2016 + Cantu Beauty
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I'm baacccccck from a 10-day work trip with Cantu Beauty to talk all things Essence Festival! I was so excited when the team asked me to join them in New Orleans as one of the 4 influencers that would be on staff. I traveled to New Orleans last year for vacation, but never experienced the Essence Festival as a whole. First things first, putting on something like this is HARD work, but seeing it all come together was well worth it. I really enjoying talking to and educating others on hair care and I met sooo many amazing people on this trip. I couldn't believe I had followers all the way in New Orleans, still unreal. Are you ready to jump right into the good stuff? 


We're LIVE at the Cantu booth. Day one was all about the kids and filled with tons of fun! I met new people, helped them pick out a product they would love for their kids hair and went out to get street style & hair on the Cantu Cam. You see the mom in the bottom right corner, yeah she has 4 girls plus herself...can you imagine what wash day was like for her?! We sent her and the girls inside to get tons of goodies from our crew, talk about excited!!!! We were able to give out tons of free product, fans/customers snapped photos with the team, Cantu's Global Stylist Maria had LIVE hair demos with two beautiful little girls, and if I must say so myself Cantu had the best beauty booth with a line a mile and a half long! 


Day two was all about My Curl. My Cantu. A reminder that it's about YOU & your hair is your best accessory. We even had special guest Syncopated Ladies perform on the Style & Beauty Stage, it was awesome. I thought we had a lot of people stop by Friday, but NO Saturday was record breaking for our booth! We had people stop by that loved Cantu and couldn't live without it and also those who were introduced to the product that day and we were excited to share our stories as influencers and give them tips and tricks for hair care. 


Everyone received a FREE full-sized product and even got a mini performance from Syncopated Ladies at the booth! Maria even styled all of the ladies hair and she did an AH-MAZING job. 

The experience was one for the record books. It was all work, but we were also able to enjoy the great food New Orleans had to offer, the Essence Fest concerts (which were FUN), and nightlife. So yes, I pretty much didn't sleep the whole time in NOLA, but it was so worth it!


I think my favorite places to eat were Palace Cafe, Cajun Seafood, and Oceana. I know I've probably gained 10 lbs, but it was all so worth it! And you can't leave New Orleans without the Big Easy frozen drinks and beignets.  


We all came back together for one last day of convention fun! Sunday was filled with more giveaways and educating everyone on the Cantu products and brand. It was so great to meet, snap pictures and laugh with so many people that loved Cantu just as much as ME! So if you stopped by to chat, grab a sample, take pictures, watch demos, or get educated on the brand...THANK YOU! We had such an amazing time with each and every one of you. 


Have you tried the Cantu line or interested in giving it a try? Well, why not keep the excitement of Essence Fest going with a Cantu Beauty + Melissa Chanel Giveaway. 

The rules are simple. 

  1. Follow @CantuBeauty on Instagram. 
  2. Leave a comment below this post with your favorite Cantu product or the product you'd like to try.

That's all. The winner will be announced in the comment section of this post on Wednesday, July 13th at NOON. 


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