Effortless Picnic/Festival Hairstyle Featuring Cantu Beauty

Effortless Picnic/Festival Hairstyle Featuring Cantu Beauty
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I know we technically have a few more days, but the weather in NC is telling me Summer is HERE! So what does that mean? Bring on the summer picnics and bbq's because I've only been waiting on them all year. The picnics and festivals that is not the humidity. The humid weather treats my afro so wrong, ugh. Does it do the same to yours? If so, I'm here to share an effortless hairstyle using a few of my favorite Cantu Beauty products. 

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These two braids were created on freshly wash blown out hair using Cantu's Smoothing Leave-In Conditioning Lotion, Extra Hold Edge Stay Gel, and the Anti-Fade Oil. Here's a step-by-step of how to achieve this style. 

  1. After washing gently blow out to stretch your hair. 
  2. Section your hair in two holding each section with a clip. 
  3. Add the Smoothing Leave-In Conditioning Lotion and Anti- Fade Oil to seal the moisture. Focusing on your ends if you have color treated hair, like myself. 
  4. Before braiding apply the Edge Stay Gel to your edges if you're looking for a sleek look and for a lasting style. 
  5. Patiently braid each section and secure with two-three bobby pins. 

And voila, you're done! Now you have an amazing effortless hairstyle, you're ready for the next picnic/festival, and you don't have to fight the humidity. If you want to jazz up the look a little more, take the end of your comb or hands and pull your braid apart some and add a flower crown or hair chains to your style. 


Are you ready to rock this hairstyle soon? If so, I have the perfect picnic for you to attend if you're in Brooklyn, NY or surrounding areas. Curly Girl Collective's CurlFest is right around the corner. If you haven't attended, this picnic is a MUST. All your favorite curly girls will be in one place, as well as vendors, beauty brands, and the most poppin' DJ in the city. So come out and bring your crew to mix, mingle, and have a good time. 

Don't forget to stop by your local beauty supply, Family Dollar, or Walmart to purchase some of your favorite Cantu Beauty products.