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Digital Empowerment Mastermind Recap

Melissa Chanel3 Comments
Digital Empowerment Mastermind Recap

Last Saturday I had the honor of speaking at an empowerment luncheon and workshop in my old stomping grounds of Florence, S.C. I was so excited to be back in the city where I spent so much of my time. I was hoping to run into some old faces from college as well as meet a few new people. I was selected to discuss turning your blog into a brand. I shared 5 tips for turning your hobby of blogging into a full-service brand and was so excited that it was very well received. During the networking hour, I received so many compliments, met tons of awesome people with amazing stories, and shared some great tips and tricks that has helped me along the way. 


The panelist included 5 other amazingly talented women that all worked in the digital space. It was so great hearing their stories and I learned so much from the information, tips, and ideas they shared. Each one of us had about 20-25 minutes to discuss our topics that ranged from women in technology, film, being resourceful, and the power of networking. Our hopes were to leave the audience inspired and ready to take over the world and hopefully we did just that! 


Are you thinking about becoming a blogger? Are you ready to turn your "hobby" into a brand? Well, today is your lucky day! I've decided to share the five tips that I discussed in my workshop right here on the blog, keep reading. 

  1. Take Your Blog Serious- As soon as you have your idea, buy the domain, hire a designer or find a friend that designs logos that can help you out, create a business plan, purchase business cards, and write consistently. Blogging is serious business, take it as such. 
  2. Never Stop Learning- READ! Take online courses, read self-help blogs, business books, magazines, enroll in some writing classes, or find a blogging/business coach. Whatever you do, never stop learning or reading up on your craft. Things are always changing and you must stay on top of them. 
  3. Networking- Put your phone down and meet people. Write a goal to attend one networking event a week and stick to it, hand out business cards, attend Facebook/Twitter chats, or email fellow bloggers in your area and have brunch. Networking is key. You want the world to know what you're offering. 
  4. Sell Something- What are you good at? Add a service to your blog, design a t-shirt, mugs, or even art. When people believe in you, they will pay! 
  5. Dedication- Work hard, never give up, blogging takes time before you see huge success and trust me that success doesn't happen overnight. Ask family and friends for help when you need it, (At this event I had my brother as my photographer and my mom edits most of my blog post) takes a village, literally!

I could go on and on, but I feel like that's a great start when building your brand. After Saturday's event ended, it was time for the networking portion and I met so many awesome people. Here are a few photos as the room filled with business talks, laughs, and tears of joy! 


It felt so great learning that I was an inspiration to so many people! I provided my business card so that those in attendance could reach out to me for any questions or help along their journey. Blogging takes a lot of energy and hard work so it's always great to have someone to give you that extra push every now and then.

Thank you again to Katrina the event creator. You did an amazing job and I was so excited and proud to see your vision come to life! If you'd like to see more photos from Saturday's event check out Digital Empowerment Mastermind on Instagram or Facebook!

Have you recently turned your hobby into a full-service brand? If so, leave a tip in the comments below that has helped you along the way. 


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