Destination: Charlotte. Staycation at The Ivey’s Hotel

Destination: Charlotte. Staycation at The Ivey’s Hotel

Hey lovelies! 

If you’ve been following me for a while (or even for a few days), you know by now that I LIVE for traveling. Whether for work or leisure, there’s no better feeling than packing a bag and checking into a hotel for a mini vacay. Unfortunately, we can’t always just get up and go at the drop of a hat, so finding the beauty in a “Staycation” is so necessary.

Thanks to The Ivey’s Hotel, I had the staycation of a lifetime right here in Charlotte! Located in the heart of downtown, it’s the perfect location for a relaxing, luxurious getaway without having to venture out of the city’s limits. I’m telling you, this baby came right on time. 

Of course, a staycation at a hotel as fabulous as The Ivey’s wouldn’t be complete without my amazing photographer and friend, Brandon, so I had him pack a bag and join me! We made magic, y’all. 


Brandon and I planned to shoot on Saturday, so I packed a few outfits and prepared to scout locations once I reached the hotel. Guys, when I walked in I was totally speechless. SPEECHLESS! 

The hotel is photo shoot gold: “classic glam” is what immediately comes to mind. Add to it the incredibly kind staff and impeccable customer service, and I felt like royalty. 

Because we checked in late Friday night, we were both ready to crash. Ha! The Ivey’s had other plans. We were greeted in our suite with a bottle of champagne on ice, traded our street clothes for plush robes, and spent the evening swooning over how beautiful this experience was. 

DSC_0119_pp copy.jpg

Like I said earlier, The Ivey's is located in downtown Charlotte, so when you’ve had enough of drinking in the beautiful decor (like that could ever happen), just head out the doors and explore the city! Enjoy a night on the town, or if you’re committed to staying in and enjoying all the hotel has to offer, just head on into their Sophia’s Lounge and enjoy live music and cocktails. I mean, this place is perfect. 

Saturday morning: Brandon and I woke up early Saturday morning to get some spring outfit shots before the St. Patrick's Day crowd took the city by storm. I can rarely think straight before coffee; thankfully, the hotel’s got the Library Lounge with fresh brewed coffee and morning snacks. Perfect fuel to begin our day. Can I just stop to emphasize how personalized the experience was? Things were perfectly set out for us, again with impeccable decor. Check out my Instagram for BTS and more photos. 

We spent Saturday evening at one of my favorite spots in the city, 5 Church. It's actually connected to The Ivey's Hotel, so we didn't even have to go outside to get to it! All around win-win. 

As much as I wanted to hit the town, I had blog work to catch up on, so I spent the rest of my evening with my plush robe and laptop.


It’s official: The Ivey's Hotel is my new home away from home! I can't stop thinking about how luxurious it was and how chic I felt while there. And for my fellow bloggers: This place is our DREAM! Everywhere I turned there was an Instagrammable spot (yep, I made up a word!). I even vlogged the whole weekend. 


In the meantime, I’m organizing a girls’ night and a birthday slumber party for July. It’s just all-around the ideal spot.

If you’re in search of your Charlotte staycation host hotel, or are traveling to the area, The Ivey’s Hotel gets MC’s 5 stars! So book a stay, and tell them I sent ya. ;-)

Staycation Roll Call! Where are you from, and what’s your favorite staycation destination in your city? 

See you back here soon!