Crusin' in my Outlander

Crusin' in my Outlander

Okay, okay, I know what you're's probably some combination of "Oh hey, stranger!" and "Girl, you've been MIA!" I don't even blame you, because I've absolutely been off the grid lately. Life is busier than ever, but despite how overwhelmed I've felt or how full my plate is, I'll always stay true to and live by my mantra, thanks to Kela Walker: Booked, Busy, BLESSED. As much as I've missed chatting with you guys here on my blog, I know that I'm gearing up for something great--not just for myself, but for Team MC, too.

I'll definitely get into details of what I've got going on, but that's another post for another day. Trust, you'll understand! Today, however, I'm all about catching you up on MC's happenings, specifically my time spent riding in the super fly and sexy Mitsubishi Outlander I was able to get my hands on recently.

Y'all: you know Iove my Lexus CoCo, but I had to park her for the week to ride around Queen City in a little something new. Just like when my friend and I took L.A. by storm (link to the post), my friends at Drive Shop came through with a fabulous ride that made me, my mom, and my weekend visitors feel like true Queens in Queen City. I seriously fell in love immediately as the car pulled up in my driveway. The ride's black on black was so, so, sleek, and the sunroof was perfect for throwing on my sunnies, welcoming the sun in, and letting my hair blow in the wind. 

My favorite feature? I'll definitely say the sleek leather interior and Bluetooth capabilities. There's  nothing in the world like jumping in the car and hearing your favorite tunes play through the speaker without connecting to any type of cords! Of course, I had my summer playlist on deck.


To kick off our week together, I took Ollie the Outlander (yes, I named the car!) on a tour of the city. We stopped by Smelly Cat, my favorite coffee shop in downtown Charlotte, lounged around and snapped a few photos at a local rooftop, and back home we went. As much as I loved Ollie, it's safe to say my mom loved him more; if it were up to her, he'd be ours forever, haha!

If you know me at all you know that it's not a weekend with MC if a real night on the town isn't on the agenda! We went out to Charlotte's Amphitheater to see Future on his Charlotte stop of the "Nobody's Safe" tour. Life. Made. I'm so thankful the car had 3rd row seating, because my brother, cousins, and friends were able to hop in and experience the dopeness that is Future  with me. 

Dropping Ollie off was so bittersweet. In such a short amount of time, I hit the town, showed off my beautiful ride, and enjoyed feeling like a Queen floating on a cloud .

Can't y'all just picture me driving this baby home? Ollie, mommy misses you already! 

I can't thank Drive Shop enough for always coming through with not only affordable rides, but also QUALITY rides. It's hard to find both nowadays, so I'm glad I have my go-to. 

Until next time,


Melissa Chanel