Cold Shoulders

Cold Shoulders


It's only two days into spring and I'm already showing skin. (Who cares if the weather isn't all the way there yet?) I blame those few 80-degree days in February; sorry winter, you had your chance, don't try to come back now! 

When thinking about my spring staple item, I started paying more attention to what my eye keeps wandering toward, and I realized that every shopping cart I built had at least one off-the-shoulder top in it.  There's just something about that silhouette; it's sexy, feminine, and shows off just the right amount of skin. You'll definitely be seeing more of them on the blog throughout the spring and summer.

After seeing Myleik (if you don't know her, you're not winning at life) post a snap of her in this top, I knew I had to add it to my closet. As soon as I hit "Purchase," I starting thinking of all the ways I could style it for Spring.


What I love about off-the-shoulder tops is how easy it is to dress them up or down. If I'm feeling a little on the girly side, I throw on a cute sandal. If I'm not in the mood to strut? You know your girl will throw on a good pair of sneakers in a minute! I always make sure my 'fits can be dressed up or down in case I get the last minute urge to ditch the heels and take a comfier route. 

My go-to bottom is always a high-waist jean (Urban Outfitters' BGD line is my old faithful brand), and of course, you've got to top off your entire look with a good lip! (Here, I'm rocking *insert name*).

If you're looking to throw some off-the-shoulder tops into the mix this spring, Zara's got lots of options, including this top. Of course ASOS has colors, prints, and styles for literally everyone, and LuLus has a few cute choices, too. I said I wasn't gonna shop much this year, but I've got to add more to my collection, right? (This is the judgement-free zone, okay?!) 


Outfit Details

Top: Zara | Jeans: H&M | Sandals: Steve Madden sold out but these are cute | Purse: Marshalls | Sunnies: Harlem Street Vendor 

What item is your spring staple?