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Closet Shopping 101

Melissa Chanel8 Comments
Closet Shopping 101

Hi, Hello, What's up?! 

How are you guys liking the new blog layout? I can't believe I'm just now coming to you for the first time this YEAR! Well, my year started February 1st, lol. If you follow me on Instagram, you totally understand what I mean. It’s been so hard to get in the groove of things for some reason. But I’m back in action, and I hope you're ready for some new MC content! 


Today we’re talking all things shopping…in your closet! We all probably have clothing with the tags still on them or items we've only worn once, right?! Well, it's time to take those babies out for a spin. I'm guilty of splurging and impulse buying, but my mantra for 2017 is "Less things, more experiences," so I figured it’s time to ditch the stores and go shopping right at home. And since life changes are always better with a friend, I’m taking you along with me. Ready?

1. Clean out your closet before each season. At the beginning of Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer go through everything. Create three piles: Keep, Trash, Giveaway, and remember that it's okay to keep (a few) things that bring you JOY! 

2. Create a list of things you need to replace and shop around for them. Don't purchase the first thing you see. Try to keep this list down to a few basics that can be worn with a few different looks.

3. Hang your clothing where you can see it. If you can't see what you have, how do you know you have it? We often forget that we have certain items and end up buying them a second time when we don't need to. 

4. Stay away from buying a lot of trendy pieces. Yes, trends are fun, and who doesn’t love accent pieces here and there, but don't over-indulge. Why? Always remember this amazing quote from Yves Saint Laurent, "Fashions fade, style is internal." You’ll thank me later.

5. Challenge yourself to see how many outfits you can create from the pieces you already have. Mix and match combinations you’d otherwise never try, like a leather pencil skirt with your favorite sweatshirt. Or maybe put that sequined top you wore only once with distressed denim for a chic street style look. Go online and search looks from your favorite blog (shameless plug: MelissaChanel has TONS of looks for all seasons and occasions, wink wink.) Trust me, you'll be surprised at how creative you can get with the clothing you already own. 


Top: Trapvilla | Jeans: H&M | Shoes: Steve Madden | Coat: H&M (old) | Purse: Marshalls

All the money you would've used shopping this season, let it pile up in your bank account and at the end of the season or end of the year, treat yourself! And I don't mean go on a shopping spree, but take yourself on a trip, purchase an item for your business, take a class to perfect your craft, or sign up for that conference you've always wanted to attend. The possibilities are endless now that you're shopping your closet more. It'll be all worth it to know you spent your money on an experience instead of things. 

Who's up for the challenge?