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My Life As Cantu Beauty's National Ambassador: Year 2

Melissa Chanel5 Comments
My Life As Cantu Beauty's National Ambassador: Year 2

Like it or not, 2018 is here!


2017 was one for the books, so I was more than ready to step into 2018 with my goals mapped out for the year. I’ve already set some personal and professional goals (check those out here and here), so I’m entering into this new year with purpose and intentionality. This year also begins my 3rd year as Cantu’s National Ambassador (ahh!). I’ve had so many new, incredible experiences in this role, and I know that 2018 will bring even bigger and better things!

As I reflect back on the year, I can’t pick just one highlight—literally month after month brought something new worth remembering! So here I am, rambling off my top moments (in no particular order) as a Cantu Brand Ambassador.


I stayed in the clouds in 2017, traveling all over the world to engage with followers, fans, and consumers about all things Cantu. I knew it was a well-loved brand, but I had no idea just how many ride-or-dies Cantu had! You all are amazing.

As Ambassador, I worked trade shows where I could help women (and men!) learn which products worked best for them. I walked the campuses of 7 universities to share Cantu with college students and explain to them how to care for their hair while living the “Broke College Student” life. I led a Lunch-and-Learn for the executives and employees at Family Dollar in Charlotte, NC to help them understand the products more, and I attended shows for Fashion Week. During NYFW, I interviewed the incomparable fashion designerTracey Reese, and even met Whoopie Goldberg during her show…can somebody pinch me?!


Oh! One of the biggest highlights for me...I hosted a rooftop pool party in New Orleans for Essence Festival! Yes, your girl did that in 2017! People are still talking about it to this day! To top the year off, I flew to LA for the Grand Opening of the Waco Theater Center owned by Tina Knowles Lawson and Richard Lawson. I was able to interview the amazing couple and chat about their vision and goals for the theater. Yes, little ole Melissa from Camden South Carolina interviewed Beyoncé’s Mom and Step-Dad. Y’all, 2017 was unreal.


Of course, I spent a lot of time in your local beauty supply stores doing pop-up shops to promote Cantu’s Anti-Fade Color Protecting Collection. I want to give everyone who sent in pictures from their beauty supply stores a huge Thank You! 


This second year with Cantu has really been one for the record books. A dream come true, honestly! I couldn’t have handpicked a better family to be a part of; I can’t wait to share what we have up our sleeves for 2018!


I promised you guys more giveaways, and I’m making good on my promise! Here’s another one for you:

It’s simple: Drop a comment telling me your favorite Cantu product and what style you achieve with it.

2 lucky winners will receive one of Cantu’s newest collections from 2017!

Good luck, and happy 2018!


Melissa Chanel