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California Cruisin'

Melissa ChanelComment
California Cruisin'

Welcome to LA! I was so excited to experience LA for a full week last month. I packed comfy yet "LA-ish" outfits in my carry on and talked about the trip to my friend Janna for weeks. I couldn't wait for the warmer weather, the great food, the chill people, and just a fun time. We had tons of things planned and couldn't wait to touch down and start out adventures. 


First things first. I had to pick up our sweet ride! My friends over at Drive Shop hooked me up with a FABULOUS candy apple red 2017 Mazda 6. I really couldn't believe how sleek and fresh the car was as I jumped in and let back the sunroof instantly. The navigation helped us get around DTLA's art district where Janna and I were able to explore the amazing art and take tons of great photos. 


Janna and I literally felt like we were floating on a cloud. She was the DJ and I was the driver, cruisin' around downtown Los Angeles with our hair blowing in the wind. You really couldn't tell us we weren't locals. Once we found a stopping location you know we had to jump out and snap pictures of all the cool art we came across. Check out a few of my favs...

I could really go on and on about this LA trip. I enjoyed ringing in the New Year in a new city and with amazing people. I can't wait until my next adventure and Drive Shop made it so much easy for me to be able to explore the City of Angels! 

If you're ever in LA please explore DTLA's art district, have brunch at Tart, Runyon Canyon is a must, and PLEASE make dinner reservations at The Commissary inside the Line Hotel and order the cauliflower tempura, thank me later!  

Share your favorite LA hot spot below! 


Melissa Chanel