3 Ways to bring in the 4th of July in Style

Photography by: Bryce 

The 4th of July is right around the corner! I'm so excited to celebrate with friends, it's my favorite holiday besides my birthday (which is July 24th). Do you have plans? Are you watching a firework show, picnic, day party, concert, or maybe a barbecue with the fam? I have a few outfits to help you bring in the 4th in style. 

Here's outfit number 1, the perfect barbecue/picnic outfit. It's super patriotic and stylish. You'll be comfy and ready to take tons of photos with friends/family. 

outfit 1.jpg

Next if you're hitting up a rooftop party, keep it stylish by adding a crop top with a pair of skinny jeans. 

outfit 2.jpg

And finally are you headed to a firework show? You'll scream INDEPENDENCE in this fun outfit. 

outfit 3.jpg

Whatever you do make sure you have fun and enjoy the moment! I hope these 3 outfit ideas bring you inspiration to  celebrate in style. 

I'll be celebrating with friends, poolside... having great laughs and making amazing memories. And more than likely I'll be in this exact same outfit, lol. Comfy shorts and this American Flag t-shirt I purchased a few weeks ago at Target. It's time to party in the USA! 



Melissa Chanel