Bedroom Decor

Bedroom Decor

As most of you already know, I've moved on up like the Jefferson. This past March I left my small studio apartment in Harlem for a 3 bedroom MANSION (that's what it feels like), in Washington Heights. 

Now the real work begins, redecorating my bedroom. I need new everything, I want a whole look and feel than I had at my previous apartment. My bed is pretty much done, but I can't decide on wall art. My friends at Minted  have some amazing art pieces and I need your help. Here are my top three pieces, don't all comment at once..haha! 

This elephant stole my heart! The name of this piece is "In The Room II." I mean, I could sooo see this in my bedroom. 


I mean because all you need is LOVE, right?! This would go great with my gold accents 

love .jpg

And last but certainly not least, this map of South Carolina. This is home, I'll never forget where I came from and all the memories I have of SC. 


HELP, it's decision time. Sooooo which piece of art work is your fav? Leave a comment below. 

After my bedroom is fully decorated I'll share photos of my new and improved space. If you're decorating a space please check out all the the cool Minted art. 

Until next time...

Melissa Chanel

ART provided by Minted, all opinions are my own