First Impression: Balm & Co

First Impression: Balm & Co

Who else fights dry skin and adult acne? When I found out that my sis Alex had some amazing body products I couldn't wait to get my hands on them.  I've been seeing a dermatologist and trying hard to drink more water and even though my face is looking better I still fight with my dry skin. So when she hit me up about trying a few products I jumped at the opportunity. 

Here's what I received: 

  1. Glow Serum- A daily facial oil for dry to normal skin but could also be used on combination skin. Ummm perfect! 
  2. Glow Mist - Helps restore PH & combats acne and it's great when used with the glow serum! I think I've found my perfect match. 
  3. Citrus Ginger - Lip balm. And as Alex states, a little goes a long way. I wear matte lipsticks a lot which makes my lips very dry, this stuff comes in handy.

I've been using these items for about a week and I'm already loving the results. I combine them with my regular facial cleanser & the creams provided by dermatologist and voila! I repeat these steps morning and night along with drinking more water in hopes for a acne free face. I promise to do a check-in to let you guys see before and after photos in October. 

Balm & co. has facial options, but belly balm for mommas and also beard balm for's like a win, win when shopping for your family and friends. 

Head over and check them out. What products do you use in your daily skin care routine?


Melissa Chanel