Apple Watch 101

Apple Watch 101

I'm excited to talk about my most favorite purchase to date! I've been working hard to stay fit and exercise over the past few months and I wanted a way to track my progress. I've heard about almost every gadget from my family and friends that would help with this, but after researching, I decided the Apple Watch would be the perfect fit for me. I've had it for almost two months and I learn something new every day. Why the Apple Watch? Well, I'm an Apple lover so that had a little to do with it, but I loved the sleek look and size for my small wrist and that I could answer my phone at a tap of the wrist. If you're an Apple lover as well here are few things I love about my watch.

Apple Watch 101

  1. You can answer your phone and talk straight from your watch, cool right?! Especially if your phone is deep down in your purse and you really need to answer the call.
  2. You can silence a call by simply covering your watch with your hand. This is helpful if you're in meetings or work in retail and want to make sure you're not missing an important call.
  3. The workout app tracks your steps, calories, and time. You're able to set goals, create daily workouts and track your activity. Once you reach your daily goal your watch will aware you by a simple vibration. I really enjoy unlocking the achievements, it really makes me feel accomplished when I reach a goal.
  4. For all of my fashion forward girls, one cool thing about the Apple Watch is that you're able to change out the band. I've been checking out all types of cool bands and can't wait to add them to my collection. 
  5. Photos and live photos on your wrist. Now this is really cool. To see a live GIF or just a photo you've taken on your watch is just amazing. 
  6. You can control your music from your watch as well. If your phone is down in your bag, no worries, select your Apple Music playlist straight from your watch girl, *hair flip*! 
  7. You can also reply back to text messages, pay for items at the store, take a groupie (selfie with a crew), as well as get directions straight from your watch. This watch is simply EVERYTHING you could ever want. 

I could go on and on about my love for this new gadget, but we'd be here forever and ever! If you're looking for a new watch I suggest you research all the different types and decide on one that best fits your needs. 


Happy gadget shopping! 


Melissa Chanel