5 Ways to Transition Your Winter Wardrobe For Spring

5 Ways to Transition Your Winter Wardrobe For Spring

Yall, I am SO over winter. Bundling up, layers, turtlenecks, heavy coats…UGH, throw the whole season away! I'm ready for the warm weather, flip flops, cut off denim shorts, and the beach! Spring, girl, where are you? Charlotte has been so cold, and I'm currently looking in my closet at all the items I’m ready to repurpose and transition into my Spring wardrobe. 

So let’s talk transitioning your wardrobe, shall we? 

Thanks to transitioning, you can revamp your wardrobe for spring without the hassle (and costs) of buying all new items. You’ll be surprised at the amount of winter items you have that’ll still work once the weather starts to break. 

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1. Chunky sweaters- I know you’re tempted to toss your sweaters in the “Winter” bin as soon as weather breaks, but WAIT A MINUTE. These are key pieces when transitioning your wardrobe! Pair them with your ripped boyfriend jeans, cut-off denim shorts, or even maxi skirts. Whatever you’d wear as a staple bottom in the spring, throw on a chunky sweater with it. It’s the perfect “between seasons” look, and there’s nothing sexier than showing a little skin with your chunky sweaters! 

2. Over-the-knee boots- Don’t throw them in the attic just yet! I know we think we have to commit 100% to a new season, but I’m totally a fan of the "one foot in, one foot out” look. Pull some of your spring dresses out—sweater dresses, maxi dresses, you name it—and opt for an over-the-knee boot instead of the sandal.  See? One foot in spring, one foot in winter. Besides...April showers bring May flowers. Don’t get caught slipping in the rain with your toes out…the boots are perfect until the sun is shining and beautiful Spring is in full effect.

3. Brighten up your black! Just because it’s time for color doesn’t mean you have to ditch the black and grey items you rocked all winter. Start slowly incorporating colorful accents—adding pinks, yellows, and all the other bright colors you love. Accessorize with a colorful earring, a bright lip color, or a vibrant printed clutch…whatever it is, bring it along! It’ll take your black from winter to spring like that. 

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4. Winter scarves- Just like chunky sweaters, chunky scarves are a favorite part of my winter wardrobe, a part that I’m not ready to let go of when warm weather hits. It’s always the last thing to go into my winter storage when the weather changes. A tee, boyfriend jeans, booties, and a chunky scarf give just the right amount of spring and winter. Pair it with your spring trench coat, and you’ve got yourself a LOOK, honey!

5. Turtlenecks- I’m never fully over my turtlenecks by the time Spring hits, so I like to tie mine up and create a crop top look. Twist and secure behind your waist (right under your bra strap) , and pair it with high waist denim if your body isn’t quite spring ready (like mine, haha). I also tie a cute plaid shirt around my waist to add that pop of spring color. At night, throw on a leather jacket to complete the look. Fab! 

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Photography By: Brandon Grate 

Spring is officially here, but we need this spring WEATHER, y’all! The countdown is real, so let's start transitioning our wardrobes and maybe mother nature will get in formation! LOL.

Top: F21 | Jeans: H&M (old, similar) | Coat: Zara (sold out)  | Boots: Target 

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What’s your favorite season transition look?