5 Tips to use a Diffuser

Purchasing a diffuser was probably the highlight of my tapered cut life. It made things so much easier after washing my hair and made my curls pop instantly. I remember flipping through youtube trying to figure out quick natural hair styles because I was just tired of twisting. I came across faintly masculine's youtube channel where she was giving a step by step tutorial on how she prepped her hair for the day. I was sold and as soon as the video was over I headed out to 125th in Harlem to grab a new blow dryer with a diffuser.  I receive questions on a daily asking how do I use my diffuser and if I had to buy a new blow dryer or just find the diffuser attachment. Well, today I'm giving you 5 tips to help you put your diffuser to good use. 

  1. Make sure the diffuser attachment fits- I had to purchase a new blow dryer all together that came with a diffuser. I took my old blow dryer with me but just couldn't find a diffuser attachment that fit properly.
  2.  Apply your styler first- I use Cantu Curl Activator Cream and finger comb it through my whole head before using my diffuser. It's the perfect product for me and helps define my curls to my liking. 
  3. Actually diffusing - Hang your head to left..diffuse, the right...diffuse, then flip your head over and diffuse again. 
  4. Don't dry 100%- I alway dry my hair about 70-80 perfect and let the rest air dry then pick my roots. 
  5. Don't play in your hair- You don't want to disrupt your curls. Don't pull it, let it set. 

I'm not sure how much I'll use my diffuser as my hair get's longer because I'm not sure if a wash and go style is the look I'm going for. My curls are super tight so it was perfect for my short taperedcut. Who told me to grow my hair out again, the short hair life was so much easier. 

Do you use a diffuser to make your curls pop? 


Melissa Chanel