5 Summer Swimwear Shopping Tips

First I'd like to scream to the top of my lungs ......Happy National Pink Day! This swim suit is so fitting for the occasion. I purchased it about two years ago from an Instagram follower and I've been loving it ever since. I loved it so much I have an orange one as well in the exact same style. 


Enough about me lusting over my swim suit. Guess what??? Summer is officially HERE. My favorite time of year...amusement parks, swimming pools, beach days, cookouts, picnics, the list could go on for days.  I can not wait to dive right in and enjoy some fun in the sun. With all this said, did you cringe at "swimming pools" and "beach days"? Is it because you have issues finding the perfect summer swimwear? Don't worry, I'm here to rescue you. 


Here are a few tips when shopping for the perfect summer swimsuit. 

  • Coverage/Size- Do you need more support in the top, mid section or bottom? Look for swimwear that has the coverage you like. Think of it the same way as when you shop for a new bra or underwear...coverage is important. Some swimsuits run small, make sure you take two sizes in the dressing room when trying them on. It's okay to mix and match sizes. I usually need a medium top, but a small bottom. 
  • The Look- What look are you going for? Once piece, two piece, or maybe a high waist suit, don't stop until you find the perfect match for your body type. You never want to feel uncomfortable in a swimsuit or purchasing just because it's in style. Make sure it's the right look for you. 
  • Color- Let your personality shine through. Bright colors, fun prints, I mean come on guys...it's summer time. 
  • Accountability Partner- Take your bestie or someone you trust along for the ride. Spend a day in a few stores, trying on different swim suits. Take tons of pictures, don't purchase the first swimsuit you see, and make sure you partner gives you honest feedback. BE HONEST!
  • Confidence- Confidence is key. When purchasing swimwear it's all about how comfortable you are with your body. How much do you want/or not want to show off. 

Photography by: Bryce 


Now go call your bestie, grab your car keys, and get to shopping. Remember to be confident in the skin you're in, coverage is important, and have FUN! 



Melissa Chanel