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5 Reasons I Vote “Yes” on Travel Masks

Melissa ChanelComment
5 Reasons I Vote “Yes” on Travel Masks

In this blogger, Influencer, brand ambassador world, everything looks glamorous. Photo shoots, traveling, Instagram likes and behind-the-scenes Snapchats...what’s not to love? To be honest, this life ain’t easy! Hair has to be on point, makeup flawless, and unless the bare face look is intentional, you’ve got to STAY camera ready. You never know when your next partnership is lurking around the corner! (Bonus tip for aspiring bloggers/influencers.)

Thankfully, my make up artist (link to her page) gave me a few tips on taking care of my skin in between shoots and full makeup days. My favorite tip? THE SHEET MASK!

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When I was mid-breakout, I ran to my local Target to see if I could get my hands on one, and sure enough, they had a brand I used, love, and now can’t  live without (leave it to Target to plot on my wallet yet again ). 

If you’re not familiar with them and are curious about giving them a try, here are 5 reasons why I’m voting yes on sheet masks:

1. Instant pamper sessions- Listen: Give me 20 minutes, a glass of wine, and a sheet mask, and you’ve got yourself a happy girl. After a long day and stressed, tired skin, a sheet mask’s soothing formula and calming smell is my self-care method of choice.   

2. Knock out break outs- My biggest issues are dryness and breakouts, so when I’m choosing the sheet mask formula for me, that’s the one I grab off Target’s shelves. Miss Spa’s masks treat my breakouts and also keeps my skin moisturized, whether I’m gearing up for a long flight or apologizing to my skin for last night’s greasy meal. 

3. In-flight care- Sure, your neighbor may side eye you for wearing the sheet mask during your flight, but you aren’t judging for the cheesy romance novel they’re reading, so it’s fair game, right? Judgement-free zone in my row. Flying dries your skin out like none other, so if you’re carefree enough to look a little crazy in the name of self-care, allow a sheet mask to help you look unbelievably fresh when you land.

4. Easy to pack- This is self-explanatory...they’re super compact, which allows me to travel with at least three to four sheet masks in my bag at all times.

5. Girls night- Give Netflix and chill a whole new meaning—in between binge-watching sessions, pour a glass of wine, throw on a sheet mask, and vent to your BFF about the latest stressors in your life. Drama with your ex? A friendship gone wrong? The best revenge is moisturized skin. Write that down.

I’ll be sharing my most up-to-date skincare routine for you all soon, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, head over to your local Target and pick up a few masks. Post on your InstaStories and tag me so I can see which ones you’re giving a try! 

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Let’s glow up together,


Melissa Chanel