5 Products for an Instant Fresh Face

5 Products for an Instant Fresh Face

The weather is changing and so will your skin so you must take proper care of it. I've always had a little acne problem growing up that has now followed me into my adult years. Through yearly dermatologist visits, I've been able to finally get my skin under control.  I talked about receiving these amazing products from Balm & Co (here) and they've now made it into my daily fresh face regimen. For an instant fresh face, all you have to do is make sure you remove makeup properly, clean your skin morning and night, exfoliate when needed, add a great moisturizer, and drink tons of water. 

Here are the 5 products that work for me. 

  1.  Makeup Remover Cleansing Towels
  2. Clarisonic
  3. Cetaphil
  4. Glow Serum 
  5. Glow Mist

Do you have any beauty products that give you an instant fresh face? Share below. 


Melissa Chanel