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5 Podcast for Inspiration, Knowledge, and Laughs

Melissa Chanel2 Comments
5 Podcast for Inspiration, Knowledge, and Laughs

Podcast! Yes, they're my new thing. I listen to at least one of my favorites every day. Some are sooo funny that I'll sit in my bedroom and crack up to myself, others are inspirational where I'm ready to shout because everything the Pastor says is speaking to my real life, and others spit so much knowledge that I often have to hit the pause button because I can't take notes quick enough. I'm adding more podcast to my list every day because they're always fun to listen to while working out, on a road trip, before bed, or first thing in the morning. Today I've decided to share 5 that have been on the top of my YOU MUST LISTEN TO list. Let's just jump right into it, shall we?! 

The Potter's Touch

When I tell you Bishop T.D. Jakes get's my life together on the regular, I really mean it. I promise his teachings are always speaking to me. I'll say "Amen" aloud, I write down certain points that speak to me and that I could share with friends, he breaks it down ya'll! I get the most amazing word from him and love that I have this option when I'm traveling and can't attend church. Here's the official description of his podcast, "This broadcast carries healing and restoration into homes of hurting people, unearthing taboo topics and offering practical and spiritual solutions to life's toughest questions." If you need a good lesson or word weekly, this is the perfect podcast for you

Myleik Teele's "My Taught You" Podcast

As many of you may already know I quit my job to become a full-time blogger/influencer and freelancer. I purchased my first book about becoming a freelancer called "My So-Called Freelance Life" because of Myleik. I remember when she first started Curlbox and I met her at an event in Charlotte, it felt so good to see someone so smart become successful and doing what she loves. She empowers and inspires me on the daily from her podcast! From her tips to becoming a successful entrepreneur, her journaling method, Q&A's about everyday life/ business situations, her book suggestions, to why she decided on getting a therapist, Myleik is basically my virtual mentor. I always take tons of notes from her podcast and the quotables are AMAZING. She teaches and gives you amazing tips to become the best GIRL BOSS you can be! Here's the official description of her podcast, "I share my insights, things I've learned along the way in hopes to teach you the things I had to learn the HARD way." If you're thinking about starting your own business, looking to excel in your career, about to graduate college and need advice, are an avid reader and need book suggestions, or need general LIFE advice, download this podcast today! My will def teach you TONS!

Girl Boss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso, the CEO of Nasty Gal and writer of one of my favorite books Girl Boss has her own Podcast yall! On her podcast, she interviews AH-MAZING "girl bosses" from different backgrounds. These interviews are very informative and inspiring. Like who doesn't need a little inspiration every day?! You'll write down important take aways and laugh your behind off. This is a newer podcast I recently added to my list so I'm excited to catch up and listen more. Here's the official podcast description, ".... Sophia Amoruso interviews world-class girl bosses who have made their mark in creative, cultural, and business ventures to extract solid advice from the lessons they've learned along the way. Expect hilarious co-hosts and conversations you won't hear anywhere else." If you loved reading Girl Boss and you think Sophia is an amazing business woman you'll love this podcast

Apartment 10E with Janae Raquel

If you know me then you know Janae Raquel is my blogging right-hand woman. We've teamed up on "The Best Picnic Everr" for the past two years where we head out to the park and just celebrate having fun with whoever wants to attend. We keep each other on track weekly by checking in and making sure we're getting our to-do list done as well as gossip a little bit and have great laughs, lol. I've been featured on her podcast twice and I love It! Janae tells it like it is and I promise it's like having virtual girl chat in your pajamas and a glass of wine. She covers topics from girl code, digital detoxing, to timing from the comfort of her cozy New Jersey apartment. Here's Janae's official podcast description, "....we chat behind closed doors, ON AIR. Apartment 10E is morning tea, an afternoon latte, and a shot of tequila." This is so true, Apartment 10E is all of the above and her guest are always fun/funny. So grab your latte, tea, or tequila and listen in

The Read

If you have no idea who Kid Fury & Crissle, are you need to reevaluate your life, lol. I remember watching Kid Fury on YouTube and checking every day to see if he had a new post. He is the funniest guy I know, like literally. I remember seeing him at a Beyonce concert in NYC and having a true fan girl moment, we even took a picture together. I followed his story and listened to his NYC woes before I packed my bags and moved to the same dirty but amazing city myself. Well, this guy now has a podcast called, The Read and OMG it's the best...he and Crissle basically "read" all celebrities in an interesting and funny way. They always bring up great points while spilling the tea and throwing major shade! Here's the official description, "....Throwing shade and spilling tea with a flippant and humorous attitude, no star is safe from Fury and Crissle unless their name is Beyonce. or Blue Ivy." If you're ready for a good laugh, download

Podcasting is something I've been really into lately and finding new ones always put a smile on my face! I also have a few I've recently downloaded ( The Get Well Podcast & Dear Sugar)  and can't wait to listen in on them. Are you into podcasting? If so, what have you been listening to? I'm taking suggestions and I hope you like mine. 


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