5 Carry-On Must-haves for Curly Girls

5 Carry-On Must-haves for Curly Girls

Let’s face it—packing for a trip is the worst. On top of narrowing down your outfit choices to the things you’ll actually wear, you have to factor in the million+1 hair items you’ll probably need to tame your mane. This was my biggest struggle. Hair dryer, diffuser, shampoo, conditioner, curl cream, pick, brush, comb, bonnet, satin pillow case, spray bottle…the life of a curly girl gets skressful, y’all! For years, I felt like I needed to bring them all just in case, because the reality is that our natural hair is so unpredictable. Naturally, I was almost always checking a bag, which means more money spent. Now that I’m always on the go, I’ve had to find ways to save and pack light, so yes, I’ve finally mastered the impossible: I’ve narrowed my list to only 5 items you’ll need to pack in your carry-on! Ready?

Photography by: Ariel Perry

My Cantu minis. Even when you’ve checked the forecast, you never really know how Mother Nature’s gonna act, so I keep the entire Cantu Curl Care Travel Kit with me to help me readjust my style if need be. If you stay ready, you never have to get ready! I pack my sulfate-free shampoo & conditioner, mini curl cream, and some anti-frizz oil because humidity + my hair is not cute! Just toss them in a small bag and they’ll fit perfectly on your carry-on. 

Hair Pick. I love big hair so I never ever leave home without my pick. This old faithful is perfect for lots of volume with minimal products. I always slightly pick my roots, add some oil, then it's time to fluff and go!

Shower Cap/Head Bonnet. I keep my hair 100% covered when hopping in the shower. Shrinkage is real for your girl, so if I spend time blowing my hair out to for a stretched twist-out, I want it to stay just that way. So the shower cap-head bonnet combo is a must. 

Bobby pins. If I'm feeling a little lazy, I use bobby pins to take my hair from a twist-out to a pin-up real quick. They fix any ‘do or bad hair day in an instant, which is why bobby pins should be a staple in your bag. They def make hair style changes as easy as 1,2,3.

Spray bottle. Of course this has to be empty for your flight, but when you need to give your hair a little moisture, this does the trick. Spray lightly to quickly hydrate your hair, fluff, and you're out the door.

What is your haircare must-have when traveling? If you love my carry-on luggage head over to Pardon My Fro and order yours. Don't forget to use code MCPMF to get 20% off all orders.


Melissa Chanel