30 Lessons Before 30

30 Lessons Before 30

We all know I just turned 30, right?! If not, I'm really okay with celebrating again. I've been on a two-week vacation in the Bahamas and I enjoyed every bit of it. I head back home today to get back to my daily grind, kinda. I decided to upload a quick 30 lessons before 30 blog post as well as share birthday pictures OneGShot captured about a month ago. 

Now some of these lessons/tips are fun and silly and some of them are serious. Let's jump right into it. 

  1. Read, a lot. Create a summer/winter/fall/spring reading list, subscribe to a magazine that you love, grab the newspaper, look up articles, whatever you like...just do a lot of it. 
  2. DANCE. Have parties, attend parties, go out on the weekends with friends and dance the night away. 
  3. Network your butt off. Look up networking events in your area and attend them. It's okay to go alone, introduce yourself to as many people as you can. You never know who you'll meet and what impact they'll have on your life! 
  4. Save.  If you have the opportunity to stay with your parents do it and save all you can. Save your money so that you can take the next step when you're ready. That step may be to purchase a car or house with a good cushion in the bank. 
  5. Find a hobby. Find something you like doing and do a lot of it. Maybe it's DIY'ing, blogging, writing, reading, teaching, cleaning, working on cars, etc. Whatever it is, do it, a lot! 
  6. Date, a lot. Meet new men or women. Go on dates, let friends hook you up, online date for a while. Enjoy it. Don't rush into anything. Take your TIME! 
  7. Laugh. No really, laughing is good for you. Trip out with your family and friends, find funny memes, make jokes, just laugh! 
  8. Self care is a MUST. Take care of your body, regular doctors and dentist appts are a must. But also treat yourself to manicures, pedicures, hair trims, massages, facials when you have the extra to squeeze it in. 
  9. Explore. Travel. Go out and see the word. Don't get caught up worrying about what others are doing. Take time to see the world. That can be local road trips to nearby states or traveling around the world. 
  10. Heartbreak will happen. It's okay to love, but it's also okay to get your heart broken. It' happens to the best of us. If heartbreak happens, surround yourself with those you love, talk to friends, put your energy into a hobby or something you love to help you cope. I promise you'll love again. 
  11. Visit NYC. The city that never sleeps. You must visit or live in NYC in your 20's. I promise my New York experience turned me into a woman. Best. Experience. EVER. 
  12. Find a Mentor. Find a mentor. This can be an older friend, family member, someone you admire. But talk to them and create a plan. This person will help you through the hardest years and keep you on the right path. 
  13. Ask Questions. You will not have all the answers Sway, lol. If you don't know the answer, ask questions. It's okay to not know or not think like you know. 
  14. Hang out with people smarter than you. Because who wants dumb friends, lol. No, but always surround yourself with people that know more than you. You'll always learn something. 
  15. Try different career paths. College may not be for everyone, but if it's not for you find a trade. Try different career paths until you find a career you can't stop thinking about.
  16. Listen to your parents. Please don't roll your eyes. I promise they have tons of experience and knowledge on a lot of things you DON'T KNOW. LISTEN and don't speak. 
  17. Write out your goals. Purchase a journal and write out your plans and goals. Look at them every day, create plans, read them over, and don't stop until you have a check mark beside them. 
  18. Social Media is only the highlight reel. Don't get so caught up in social media. People only show you what they want you to see. Focus on you. 
  19. Don't spend all your money on STUFF. What will you even do with all that stuff? Want new clothes, have a closet sale and then purchase them. Save money. Take care of what you already have and invest in great quality pieces. 
  20. It's okay if you're not married by 30. Believe me, life goes on. Spend your twenties learning, exploring, loving, dating, laughing, I promise your time will come. 
  21. Workout. Start getting serious about your daily exercise. Create a plan and try to stick with it. 
  22. Pull all nighters. Stay up all night brainstorming, emailing, being an overachiever. It's okay to be excited about your future. 
  23. It's not about what you know, it's about who you know.  Meet new people, make new friends, go places alone. 
  24. Spend time with family. Love on them and enjoy them. Attend family functions, learn about your grandmothers, mother, mother. Ask them to tell you old stories. 
  25. Learn something new. Don't know how to swim? Take classes. What about skating? Go to a rink and learn. Try new things and don't forget to document them. 
  26. Talk to your friends. Schedule dates with friends where no phones are allowed. Talk to your friends ask them about life, give advice, take advice. 
  27. Take yourself out. Go to the movies alone, on walks alone, bike rides, spend some time with yourself.  
  28. Try different foods. Try new things, broaden your palate! I'm always the first one to say I don't think I'd like something but when I try it I fall in love. So the last year of my 20's I spent a lot of time trying different foods. 
  29. Some things you just have to learn on your own.  It's all about finding your own way sometimes. You can do it. Focus and never give up. 
  30. JUMP, Leap. Faith is all you need. Create a plan and stick to it then JUMP! Do what you want to do and if you don't like your career, create one.

Those are just a few lessons/tips that I've learned along the way and I hope this list helps as you grow. My 20's were a lot of hard work and determination but I got through them and ended them with a bang. You'll laugh, cry, have fun, and work hard, but I promise it'll be all worth it. 

So cheers to my 30's. I'm ready to make new memories, learn new things, and bring you guys bigger and better content! 

Melissa Chanel