3 Summer MakeUp Looks For After Hour Date Nights

3 Summer MakeUp Looks For After Hour Date Nights
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Photography by: Brandon Grate

The suns out and so are the boys, lol. Well, not really?! But if you're dating or interested in some really great summer makeup looks, keep reading. I met up with my new cousin (I'll save that for a later post, lol) and new Charlotte friends to team up on this post. We decided to create something fun for all my followers needing inspiration on outfits that are also perfect for after work date nights as well as steps on flawless makeup. Are you ready to get into look number one?

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For the first look, I decided to go with this fun and flirty orange dress I purchased from Zara last year. The length is perfect for a date night and you can easily pair it with heels or flat shoes. Add a cardigan and it's perfect for the office then remove it for a night out on the town with your sweetie. Now let's get to the makeup, Shae decided to go with a "Fresh Glowy Skin" look. Ready for the run down? 

  1. Prime skin (Day to day, I use this elf cosmetics face primer)
  2. Add BB Cream or CC Cream (It cosmetics sent me a few that I've been trying lately) 
  3. Concealer 
  4. Press Powder
  5. Golden tone eyeshadow
  6. Bronzer (gives that summer glow) 
  7. Cream highlighter and set on top of powder with highlighter 
  8. Setting spray 
  9. Gloss with golden undertones 

And you're ready to go. This was my favorite look for sure. I felt so golden and tanned with my makeup and the orange dress! 

Ready for look two? 

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Now this dress, a hand me down from my mom turned into an instant favorite. I wore it to a wedding the end of last summer and didn't want to take it off. Of course, if you're wearing this dress to the office a cami would need to go underneath and pumps may work better but an after work date night...bring on the leopard! The dress also came with a belt, I removed it for the look and added the leopard Zara heels to give it a little fun flare. 

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Now lets get into this makeup, shall we?! 

  1. Prime (this is a must, you always want to make sure your makeup is laying properly)
  2. Foundation (I'm a Mac studio fix or Bare Minerals kinda girl) 
  3. Cream highlighter of your choice 
  4. Repeat steps 3-6 in the previous makeup look
  5. Setting spray 
  6. Pop of Coral lippie (Did you know Coral was the new nude? Get into it!)

This dress & makeup look made me feel sooooo sexy! I'm really serious when I say anytime I wear this dress I never want to take it off. Thanks, MOM! 

And last, but not least......

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FLORAL! I had to bring a little floral into the mix. This dress is perfect for work and all you have to do for your date is add a cute clutch to compliment your look. Now, how easy was that? I really shopped my closet for this post and shopping your closet is something I suggest everyone reading this post do. We never know what we have until we dig deep into our closets and even our Mom's closets, lol. This was my Easter dress from last year. If you follow me on Instagram you've seen it for sure.  

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Now on to the makeup...

  1. Follow look on steps 1-9, but skip step 5
  2. Add a pop of color on the waterline or eyelid (not both, I usually go for the waterline)

FLAWLESS! Now get your makeup together or contact my girl Shae to book your appointment TODAY. I couldn't ask for a better makeup artist, she walked me through every step and had me looking amazing for each date night look. Brandon, I swear I've known him all my life. He also made me feel super comfortable in front of the camera and I can't wait to work with him again. Wait, did we just create a dream team ...ummm you'll have to stay tuned. 

Follow Shae, Brandon, and I on Instagram and look out for a fun giveaway soon.

Which makeup look & outfit is your favorite?


Melissa Chanel