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3 Reasons Why You Should Deep Condition

Melissa Chanel4 Comments
3 Reasons Why You Should Deep Condition

Hey ya'll! I hope everyone is preparing for an amazing weekend. I'm currently deep conditioning and reading. Starting my Friday off right by getting my hair together before my normal Sunday wash day. I feel accomplished already! As we all know fall is pretty much here to stay now and as the temperature drops our hair care regimens may change a bit. Well, deep conditioning should always be in that regimen, more often for me because I have color treated hair. Are you keeping your strands strong by deep conditioning? If not, here are three reasons why you should. 


My motto is "good hair is healthy hair" and that should be yours too. Deep conditioning your hair infuses your strands with all the amazing nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Just like you have to eat to keep yourself nourished, your hair needs food too! You're basically putting all the protein that you loose due to normal wear and tear back into your hair. Yes, in order for your hair to grow and be healthy you have to drink water and have a healthy diet, but deep conditioning is also a great way to feed those strands. 


Are you thinking about color? Or maybe you're a straight natural and flat iron your hair a lot. Well, deep conditioning helps repair your hair from all the styling, color, or straightening we may do to it on a daily/weekly basis. It helps by shielding the hair from the damage you've already caused to it. Again, it's all about restoring the hair with the nutrients and moisture it needs. If you rock color like me, our hair tends to dry out quicker because of the chemicals. MOISTURE, MOISTURE, MOISTURE...we need as much as we can get! 

Soft & Shine

We all love soft and shiny hair right?! We must make sure we're locking in the moisture by actually putting moisture into our hair. When you deep condition your hair will become more soft and shiny because you're moisturizing those strands. Adding a deep conditioning treatment to your regular regimen will bring your hair back to life. No more brittle, dry stands. Stay it with me, "Yes to deep conditioning!" 


So dig deep under your sink or head out to your local Target and grab some deep conditioner for your hair. Of course, I couldn't end this post without sharing my favorite deep conditioner/masque. I deep condition twice a month and I keep a jar of Cantu's Deep Treatment Masque under my on deck. This masque leaves my hair moisturized, soft, and it smells amazing. It's my current go-to when it's time to give myself a deep condition. 


P.S.- If you have a free day leave your deep conditioner on for about 40 mins. I enjoy diving into a good book while I wait, it's so relaxing. Right now I'm reading Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht! 

How often do you deep condition? 


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