2016: Just Do It

It's time to shine! Yes, I know January is pretty much over, but better late than never right?! I feel like I'm just now able to hit the restart button so my new year is starting now! This year, my mantra is the year of "JUST DO IT" and that can be a new career, traveling, saving, or whatever you may choose. If you want a new career path, just do it! Are you ready to travel out of the country? Just do it. What about getting those commas in your bank account, just do it!  The time is now. I never want to look back on my life wishing I would've done things differently. So this year when it was time to write down my goals I did things a little differently. I not only wrote them down, but I went into detail. I also split my goals up into personal and professional goals, created posted notes, and I look at them each and every day. Here is a closer look at my career/blog goals.

2016: Melissa's Year of JUST DO IT! 

Career Goals

  1.  Become my own boss by March 1st. (See I added a deadline) 
  2. Wake up at 6:00 am and create a daily routine (read, eat breakfast, emails, etc) 
  3. Blog Daily, Monday - Friday to become more consistent
  4. Pitch to at lease 3 brands a week. Create a list of brands I'd like to work with this year and research them. 
  5. Comment on 3-5 blogs a day and create a spreadsheet of blogs that I enjoy reading.
  6. Plan weekly content. Block off time in my schedule to brainstorm, take product shots and write. 
  7. Create a to-do list every day. 
  8. Schedule client meetings twice a month 
  9. Block off time to schedule social media post, repurpose old content, and join weekly fashion, style, beauty chats. 
  10. Brainstorm ideas for my style guide. Create an email list and send out a survey to see if this is a need.

What are you goals for 2016? Did you write them out in detail? 


Melissa Chanel