Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo

Date night anyone? I've found the perfect set for a night out on the town. You all know my obsession with matching tops and bottoms as I described here, but today I stepped it up a notch.

Photography by: Byrce 


This outfit was gifted to my from Just My Style Fashion Boutique and it's the perfect duo for a night out with your SOS. I'm pictured in a medium and it's actually very comfy. I had no issues with the top sliding down and I was able to wear a strapless bra under it. I can't wait to wear the pieces again separately. I hope you don't get tired of them because I'm obsessed. 


Tip: When you're showing off your top half cover your bottom half more and vice versa. It gives off a more classy look. :-) 

I paired this outfit with my last season hologram sandals from Zara (these are cute), an old Forever21 clutch, and a Candy Yum Yum lip to give it the pop of color it needed.  


Don't forget to check out Just My Style Boutique and let them know Melissa Chanel sent you. They have a really cute dressed down option for this same set on their home page that I love as well. 

Until next time.