City Life: Weekend Getaway

City Life: Weekend Getaway

Are you planning a weekend getaway to NYC?  I have two ASOS outfit options that'll keep you stylish and comfortable in these New York streets. When prepping for those morning walks through the city hitting up all the hot spots like Time Square, Soho, Flat Iron District, and Central Park a cute short and crop top option is always fun. I'm so here for the matchy, matchy trend this spring/summer.  

Top: C/O Asos | Bottom: C\O Asos | Sneakers: Foot Locker (cute) | Bookbag: Urban Outfitters 


I opted for this cute Geo-Tribal top & bottom c/o Asos and some classic shell toe Adidas. If you're traveling to New York, book bags are always a good idea. A stroll can always end up turning into an impromptu shopping trip.  You must always stay ready, lol.  

Another travel tip, when in NYC long days turn into long nights. If checking out a local restaurant with your crew is in the plans, opt for a girly look like this embroidery dress c/0 Asos. The fit is so relaxed which could easily be dressed up or down. The embroidery is AH-MAZING and makes me want to twirl the night away! 


Dress:  C/O Asos | Shoes: Minnetonka  | Bag: Old Navy (cute)  | Sunnies: Local boutique 

Remember comfort is key, no time to stop back by the hotel for an outfit change. Perfect wall art calls for a photo shoot right, you'll find them all around the city, trust me. 


Photography by: Bryce

City Life Getaway Tips 

  • Remember: Comfy yet stylish is the way to go. 
  • Always pack a book bag.
  • Hit all the hot spots, they're always tons of deals. 
  • Heels? What are those? Sneakers and flats is where it's at. 
  • Coffee shops are always a good idea

Do you have an upcoming getaway planned? Share the deets. 



Clothing provided by ASOS, all opinions are my own.