Rock The Prom: Unlocking Your Inner Fashionista

Rock The Prom: Unlocking Your Inner Fashionista

I know I've been MIA for a minute, but trust me it's for good reasons. I've moved into a new apartment with two awesome roommates and traveled a bit which brings me to this post.

Last month, I was asked to come and speak to a group of teenagers about finding their inner fashionista and of course I jumped at the opportunity. Speaking about my passion is something I love to do, especially when it involves teenagers. I would like to thank the ladies of Just Be Academy  for thinking of me.

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Here's a little back story....

Just Be Academy, Inc. is a nonprofit organization designed to meet the needs of adolescent girls. We deliver enriching opportunities based upon the essential skills of college readiness and female entrepreneurship, while providing the tools necessary to achieve a positive self-image and a health self-esteem.

Rock the Prom was the event hosted by Just Be Academy in Rock Hill, SC. South Carolina is home for me so anytime I can visit my home and give back to my community is always a win, win in my book. I prepped for this workshop for weeks because this group was totally different from the 20 - 30's somethings I've spoken to in the past about fashion. I had to frame things in a totally different way which pushed me even more out of my comfort zone, first time for everything..right?!

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I gave the girls 5 tips to unlock their inner fashionista....

  1. Research - Look online and gain inspiration to help find "your look." Go in stores and try on different options and never buy the first thing you see. 
  2. Body Type- You want to be comfortable in your clothing. 
  3. Be Unique- You don't have to like the latest trends or purchase an outfit just because your family or friends like it. Stay true to what you like and what makes you happy.
  4. Shop Smart- Thrift stores and a Goodwill are gems to find one of a kind items at a good price. Clearance racks are your best friend especially on a high school budget. 
  5. Own The Look - Everyone isn't going to like it, stay true to your personal style, and only purchase items you know you'll wear a lot of and that bring you joy.

I had a great time and I believe the girls enjoyed my workshop as well, (they couldn't believe the shirt I had on came from Dollar General, lol)!  There were several workshops & a panel discussion,  raffles for free hair styles/manicures/make up, and this is the big one...ALL the teens in attendance received a FREE, yes FREE prom dress. I mean, it doesn't get any better than that. 

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Photo Credit: Just Be Academy

This trip and event was so worth it. I really love seeing great things happening within my community and this event is the perfect example. 

And when there's a photo booth, you just have to....


Thanks again to the Just Be Academy team for believing in little ole me!