Denim Days

Denim Days

Most days, it's all so simple! Denim & nude is always and I mean always a good idea. Yup, you've seen this jumper before HERE, and I explained how real my love for jumpers are soooo it's here again. This time I traded in my Pumas for a pair of pumps. 

Jumper: Gap (cute) | Shoes: BCBG (cute) | Clutch: Aldo (cute) | Accessories: Same ole thang


Pumps and a red lip can and will complete any outfit! It'll take a look from BLAH to BAM in .5 seconds. These BCBG pumps probably need to be trashed, but I just love them. They've been rocking with me for over 4 years I know and they're still kicking...sort of, HA! 

Photography by: Bryce


Do you have a pair of shoes that you just can't get rid of? It's so hard to say goodbye, but really. *real tears*