Throwing Shade

It's been a minute, but I hope you've missed me. I'll start with a quick life update then we'll jump right into the details of this post. 

Life Update

  • I've moved (ques "The Jeffersons" theme music)! I now have more space & two amazing roommates. I love my new apartment and the area, Washington Heights right near  Columbia Presbyterian. Bedroom tour coming soon. 
  • Work has been awesome, I love working in social media and wouldn't have it any other way. My title changed a little so now I have more responsibility which means an even more busy Melissa. But in the worlds of my team lead, I got this! 
  • Guess who's dating, umm this girl! We'll see how long this will last, but I thought I'd give it a try. I promise to keep you guys updated and get some date night outfits up soon. 
  • My mom is coming up to visit next month and I'm sooooo excited. :-) Miss her tons. 
  • I'm back in the flow of things with the blog, I promise not to take this much time off again, HA. 

Okay enough about my life, it's time for the shade! 


Spring is HERE, like's finally here! New York can be a little ummmm indecisive when it comes to weather, but it looks like things are on the up and up! So ladies listen up, it's time to get those legs shaved, pull the spring dresses from the back of your closets, and grab a pair of your favorite shades. And speaking of shades, can we talk about these babies for a minute? I was walking down 125th Street with my friend, you know showing her around Harlem when we walked up on this street vendor. She had a really great collection and we were trying on several pair, of course I didn't need any but just as I was about to talk away these caught my eye. I've never really worn that cat eye style and now I'm in love. My friend was like girl, YESSSSSSSSS! Needless to say, you'll be seeing a lot of these this spring/summer so get ready. 


Urban Outfitters is one of the many places I like to browse in during my lunch break and I was excited when I walked up on this baby. This dress is perfect for spring and can be styled so many different ways. I have another cool color that I'm packing for my New Orleans trip (which is where I am as you're reading this post), so keep your eyes on my instagram to see how I rock it. 


Dress: Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Target, Prabal Gurung (sold out, but look) | Purse: Love Cortnie (she has TONS) | SHADES: Harlem Street Vendor (but HERE are some cute ones) | Accessories: Alex & Ani, Beauty Supply, & MK (as always)| 

Do you have your spring wardrobe ready? Don't forget the shades. :-)