My Travel Diary: Austin, TX

My Travel Diary: Austin, TX

Here I am, registered and ready to take on the first day of SXSW! After getting the hang of the conference locations and hotels, I was pretty much a local. 


My favorite part of SXSW was definitely the Cosmo Style Lab, sooo many connections were made in that one room! I even ran into someone that reads my blog and  my blogger boo Zoe, it's always great seeing familiar faces. I was able to chat with Stacy London, who told me I reminder her of Stacy Dash (it's the eyes), and gave me really great styling tips.  Joe Zee's face was also in the place and after catching him for a quick picture  he told me about an upcoming session he was hosting with THE Eva Chen, couldn't miss that as you can see. 


Austin had the most AH-MAZING weather, I mean anything is better than NYC's weather right now. I met the one and only Cookie Monster, got the inside scoop on the life of a pedicab driver, learned all about real- time marketing and crafting post from Buzzfeed's CEO, and ran across some really dope art. (I think I'm becoming one of those, I like art type girls).


I couldn't leave Austin without seeing my old colleague Caroline, eating some good ole bbq, trying some of the local beer (Live Oak Hefeweizen to be exact), and a Big Red (it's a Texas thing). 

And we made room for a little fun, I even rode a bull for the first time! 


Things I learned on this trip: 

  • Sometimes you'll find networking is better than attending a panel put on by experts. 
  • Always be memorable ( I was known as the jumpsuit queen). 
  • I will always run into someone that know's my best friend Trell.
  • Drunk team outings are the best, lol! (see photo above) 
  • I am doing a great job and headed in the right direction when it comes to working in the social media world. It's always great to have confirmation from other brands doing great. 
  • People really read my blog! (I met two people that follow my blog, like people really read my stuff, lol). 
  • And I'm thankful for great teammates like Janna and Kayla that were willing to take pictures of me for the blog.

Until next time,