SXSW: The Look

SXSW: The Look

I'm finally back from an amazing SXSW experience and can't wait to share it all with YOU! Before I left I went into a panic trying to decide what I should take with me  and after reading tons of blogs and articles I finally figured out comfort was the only option. Many bloggers suggested flats, cowboy boots, I mean it is Texas, and even sneakers. I chose to go with both sneakers and flat boots!

First, let me tell you, my Pumas made me feel as if I was walking on clouds and I wore them 5 out of the 6 days we were in Austin (obsessed much?!). I will be purchasing another pair soon, I'm sure. Austin's SXSW fashion was like a walking Urban Outfitters store, literally. Hipster, comfy, boho...I was here for it. 

Here's a look inside my SXSW style. 

Saturday was our first day in Austin. The weather was amazing, but conference rooms were cold so I opted for my boyfriend white button up, some H&M skinny pants, and a pair of sneakers.


Sunday called for a denim jumpsuit. The weather kept getting prettier, I literally carried my jacked in my purse the whole weekend, that never happens in New York. I loved this jumpsuit from the Gap, comfortable and stylish and of course I couldn't keep these Pumas off my feet. 


Monday, yes another jumpsuit! They were so easy to pack and I instantly became the jumpsuit queen by the girls in the Cosmo Style Lab.  I styled this same jumper HERE, but this time dressed it down. Which do you like better? 


And on Tuesday, we wore dresses! This is another item i'd previously styled for the blog in a similar way HERE. The weather was beautiful and I couldn't have asked for a better day to pull this dress out. 


Wednesday, on the road again with a day full of flights. Leggings and a denim tops, always the go to. 


Austin was fun and the weather made my experience even better! I'll be recapping my whole SXSW experience soon so stay tuned... 

P.S. - Huge shout out to my work ride or dies Janna and Kayla for snapping all of my photos. I have the best TEAM EVER. :-)