Melissa Chanel2 Comments


Melissa Chanel2 Comments

My motto this winter, pack on the layers! Listen, this cold weather in NYC is starting to get a little depressing and I'm pretty much over it. I'm late to work at least once a week because I'm sitting in front of my closet trying to figure out a way to pack on more LAYERS! I'm a South Carolina girl so negative temps are foreign to me. 

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Here's how I stay fashionable during the painfully cold NYC temps! Tights under my pants are a must, as well as thick socks, a tank top, sweater, jacked and coat! This fur vest has actually been a lifesaver this winter and was well worth the purchase. Although I love winter fashion, I'm more than ready for some warm weather. 

Sweatshirt: H&M | Jacket: Old Navy (option) | Vest: F21 (sold out) Black Option | Jeans: Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Foot Locker (sold out) | Lips: Sephora Lipstain

Photography by: Bryce


How do you stay fashionable during the brutal temps?