My Boyfriend

My Boyfriend
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Gotcha! Before you get too excited, I'm referring to "my boyfriend jeans" in this post!

You've probably read these words for the fifth time, but the older I get the more I become all about comfort. Sliding on a pair of my favorite boyfriend jeans is comfort for me, even if it is with a pair of heels and cropped sweater, lol! 

Photography by: Bryce

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I've had these BCBG pumps for over 3 years and it's almost time to get a shoe shop to bring them back to life. They're the most comfortable pumps I own and I can wear them ANYWHERE. 


2015 is going to be very relaxed and minimal when it comes to my wardrobe, you'll see! It's all about the basics and adding your personal style to it. 

Top: H&M (sim)| Boyfriend jeans: H&M | Shoes: BCBG (options) Earrings: Beauty Supply


What's your most comfortable outfits?