Distressed Overalls

Am I the only one that cringed every time my mom told me to put my overalls on? They were my least favorite outfit and I always felt like such a farmer. I had no idea this look would come back in style, but it did! Of course I had to put my own spin on it. They were tight enough in the waist for me to not buckle them and I thought it was cute for the look I was going for. 


I had be eyeing these overalls at Target for several months and after finally trying them on I couldn't leave them in the store. I love the wash and the look it gives off with the distressed knees. 


Photography by: Bryce

They're so versatile. You can wear your overalls with pumps and a button up, boots and a sweatshirt (like I did), or even sneakers and a crop top in the summer months. I can't wait to try that last look this summer and give off a very minimalist chill vibe. 

Forever 21 Mens Sweatshirt | Target overalls | H&M Scarf (options) | F21 hat | Timberland boots | Mac Lady Danger lippie 


Are you feeling the overall comeback?