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Monday Kinks: Wash Night

Melissa ChanelComment

It's WASH NIGHT ladies, are you prepared?! Grab your products so we can get started. 

What's your go to style? I'm the twist out queen, mostly because that's the only style I've perfected and have time for. I love trying new products and seeing what works and doesn't works on my hair. Yes, I'm somewhat of a product hoarder (what natural girl isn't). Tonight I'm testing out Dark and Lovely's Au Naturale line. I opted for the anti-shrinkage line because we all know shrinkage can be a bish at times.

Ready for my step by step process? Well here we go, pictorial style. 


First Impression: I really enjoyed this product! The smell is amazing and the conditioner left my hair super moisturized and easy to detangle. After washing and conditioning I was able to blow dry my hair with ease and style properly. The next step was twisting, I usually like to take down the same day because I love big hair and not much definition. The humidity got the best of me, but other than that I'm really feeling this product line. I do have color so I must make sure my hair is moisturized and adding a little 'Super Softening Hair Butter' did just that. As you all know I like using a product for a full month before giving a FULL pro's and con's review so stay tuned for that. 


Make sure you watch my instagram timeline tomorrow for some exciting news featuring the Au Naturale Anti-Shrinkage line. 

Photography by: Bryce 

Have you tried this line? How did you like your results?