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Monday Kinks: Cosmos & Curls NYC

Melissa ChanelComment
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If you didn't make it out Friday evening for Comos & Curls you missed out on a good one. I had sooo much fun meeting new NYC naturals and seeing some of my blogger buddies to chat hair/beauty/life ..EVERYTHING. Terrinique, CEO of Kurlee Belle and I are college friends and decide to have this event as a way to meet some of our followers and just have girl talk over drinks. Our first Cosmos and Curls in Charlotte, NC was a success so I was excited when Terri hit me up asking about a part two in NYC. The ladies from this meet up left with a KB sample product, new friends/hair inspiration, hair tips, and one lucky guest received a H&M gift card as well. 

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I was so glad that my friends were able to make it out and support me. Moving to NYC has been such a great experience with these two in my life. 

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What's your favorite Kurlee Belle product? I am in LOVE with the 'Coconut & Avocado Deep Treatment,' it leaves my hair soooo soft and smells yummy too.  Hair Update: I can't believe I can rock a puff now, my hair grows so fast. 

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Of course Terri and I had to capture a photo similar to our picture from last year. It's so amazing to have such a smart, dedicated, and hard working friend in my life. She's the best. Safe travels back to the Bahamas and I promise to come visit real soon, (NYC winters are the worst) lol. 

This will be an annual event. Where shall we go next year?