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Fit Britt: Jump Your Way to Sexy

Melissa ChanelComment

It's Workout Wednesday and I'm excited for week two of Fit Britt's workout/healthy lifestyle post. Who's ready to "jump your way to sexy?" I'll be giving this a shot this weekend and capturing it all to share next week, stay tuned. 


Call it old fashioned, but jumping rope is always my go-to exercise.

I’m not talking about the skips and hops we all did in middle school. Try 

jumping for more than three minutes and you’ll see how much of a workout 

it can be! 

10 minutes of jumping rope can be just as effective as jogging for 30 


• Low impact

• Inexpensive

• Efficient Cardio

• Improves Coordination

• Muscle toning for your entire body, especially your lower body

• Strengthens bones

• Burns fat

• You can do it anywhere

So take a break from the treadmill, skip the same ol’ class at the gym, and 

grab a jump rope for some effective cardio.

You can incorporate the jump rope with the workout below. Do one round for a warm 

up or push yourself through two rounds for a complete workout!


• 2 minutes regular two feet jump

• 1 minute left foot only

• 1 minute right foot only

• 2 minutes alternate feet

• 1 minute jump side to side

• 1 minute jump front to back

• 1 minute jump as fast as you can

• 1 minute regular two feet jump



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