Monday Kinks: Kinky to Straight

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had an amazing day. I'm enjoying my final day of vacation, tomorrow I'm back to the daily grind. If you follow me on Instagram you'll see that I had a slight change happen when it comes to my hair.


Straight hair!!! While in Virginia, my friend Crystal hooked me up with an amazing trim and straighten. I hadn't had a trim since I went short in Feburary so this was pretty much a hair cut. I usually trim every 2 months, so 5 months was a stretch for me. I'm glad my hair is back healthy and ready to continue to grow. 

Here's how it went down!


Pic 1: Week old dirty hair 

Pic 2: Freshly washed hair (crazy shrinkage right)  

Pic 3: Freshly blow dried hair  

Pic 4: Finished product

The process was pretty simple and not much heat was used! Crystal carefully blew my hair out on low heat and straightened it to perfection. 

Products used: 


KeraCare shampoo & conditioner 

Design Essentials heat protectant

Clips, shears, comb, & brush

I'm loving my results, but we'll see how long it'll last with the New York humidity! :-/  

All photos were taken with my iPhone. I thought it would be awesome to capture the process.  

Is it time for a trim ladies? How often do you trim your hair?