Freestyle Friday: Get Well Meechy

This freestyle Friday is a little different than the usual. I've meet some amazing amazing women through blogging and the natural hair community. These are women that I look up to, that I can reach out to for advice, and call for a few laughs. Never in a million years would I have thought that one of those women would have to fight in one of the thoughest battles of her life at such a young age. I woke up this morning to some upsetting news, but I know through it all God is in control. 

Many of you may already know of the Monroe Sisters, Meechy & Vaughn. Well Vaughn took to social media this morning to tell us why her sister has been MIA lately, it's brain cancer. This hit close to home because I lost the love of my life, (my Granny) to this horrible horrible sickness. I hate cancer. 

Here's a little of Meechy's story. Please pray or donate if you can.  


The message from her sister Vaughn- "I had been meaning to share this with you all but Meechy wanted me to wait until she knew more about what was happening to her and we could share some sort of good news along with the bad. She was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of brain cancer but she is strong and recovering well. It's been a very difficult time for me and the fam but we will not give up the fight for Meechy!!!!! Myself and my family are OVERWHELMED with the love right now. I posted the videos to both our channels late last night and woke up to HUNDREDS of emails and shares and literally thousands of dollars toward her costly medical expenses! Thank you! You can learn more about Meechy's diagnosis and fundraiser by clicking the link in my bio. I created an inspirational video explaining the details of her journey and I hope to create more videos with updates and more good news. And please donate what you can to her medical expense fundraiser. Every single dollar counts and my mom and dad really appreciate you guys' support. My parents are her 24 hour caregivers. Let's get @meechymonroe back to her healthy, usual self! ❤️❤️❤️❤️#GetWellMeechy" 


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