Monday Kinks: Hair Update

photo 1.JPG

Just wanted to come through with a hair update. I'm actually in NC/SC for a few days visiting family and of course I had to stop by and see my favs at Revolution Ego! Jessica hooked me up with some bomb color for the Summer.

Hair deets: 

Trim: I actually didn't need much of a trim so she dusted my ends a little and we kept it moving

Color: I asked Jessica for a light brown and blonde in the top. I don't know the color details, but I'm sure if you make a consultation she'll let you know. 

Style: This is a twist out on blown out hair! This is my go to style, but this humidity has been killing my vibe. It was a puffy by day 3 which didn't bother me because I love big hair. 

bro bro.jpg

I snapped the photo above with my brother Marcus before heading to dinner. I received so many questions about my outfit so I just wanted to share where it came from. I purchased this recently from H&M on 42nd Street. This wasn't a set but I happen to noticed that they matched and it made such a comfy outfit for traveling. My go to sneakers, converse and my favorite bag completed this look. I'm also wearing Mine Cosmetics "Adriene" on my lips. It's the perfect summer purple and I'll be doing a full review on the line soon so stay tuned.