Workout Wednesday: Power

It's 2-a-day Wednesday, who's ready?! About 3 1/2 months ago I started taking getting in shape serious and would stop by and grab a "power breakfast" smoothie almost every morning at a local breakfast spot in the city.  After spending about $25 dollars a week I finally  decided to invested in a Magic Bullet Blender and make my own breakfast smoothie every day. Purchasing the blender had to be the BEST decision I've made in a long time, lol. I blend at night, leave my smoothie in the fridge overnight and grab it as I head out the door for my commute to the gym then work. I know my local breakfast spot miss my money, but my pockets love the extra change every week. 

One Power Breakfast coming right up... 

Power Breakfast.jpg


  • 1 banana
  • granola
  • spoonful of greek yogurt 
  • a squirt of honey
  • few splashes of unsweet vanilla almond milk
  • few splashes of water

I eyeball everything and have to go back and add a little of this and that once I taste test. The Magic Bullet does a really great job of blending everything up and I never have a problem with my smoothies being too thick unless I add a little too much of something. I'll have to say my duplicate may taste even better, I guess it's made with a little more! 

Have you thought about purchasing a Magic Bullet Blinder? Go to the store on your lunch break and purchase, you won't regret it.