Monday Kinks: Upgrade Ya

KB .jpg

Go where? Not on wash day! I'm here to review a "new and improved" Kurlee Belle product. I've reviewed these products before, but with a recent upgrade to the Kurlee Belle Kurl Defining Creme and the compliments I received on my hair lately, I had to let everyone know about it.  Soooo let me tell ya'll how KB upgraded my life. 

When it comes to my hair I'm really basic. I wash my hair weekly with shampoo, then condition, blow out, and twist with some type of curl cream. I leave about 20 single twist in my hair overnight. 

When reviewing the KB Kurl Defining Creme before I explained I would use a little gel for hold the next time I twisted with the product. Well this time honey, no gel was needed! My peeps over at KB took their reviews to heart and hit the ground running! I love the definition I received and my hair held up very well during a humid Monday stroll to Brooklyn.

Enough of my chatter, who's ready for results? 

kb results.jpg
KB results 2.jpg

Huge thanks to the team at Kurlee Belle for actually listening to their feedback and providing something bigger and better! I've been upgraded. :-) 

If you would like to see a full review of the shampoo and conditioner check it!