Walking around New York City everyday with natural hair I receive tons of compliments. People stop me in the street asking what salon I go to, products I use, or just to admire ..with some asking "can I touch it!?" I never had much thought when it came to natural beauty until my natural hair journey over 6 years ago. It wasn't a "thing" then and plenty thought I was crazy for wanting to wear my hair "nappy" and not straight. Recently a friend of mine asked me to listen to a song he'd just recorded. All I could say was WOW, this song is an instant hit, it's super catchy, and the message behind was def something all women needed to hear. On a recent trip to NYC I was able to catch up with Wade, 1/3 of Y.U.P (Young Urban Professionals) for a quick sit down. 

  1. How did you rap music? My father played music nonstop when I was growing up and I developed a passion for it.  We moved a lot in my earlier years and music always made me feel like I belonged to something greater than myself.  I used it as a way to express myself and fell in love with the process of making music.  Now I can't stop making music so I guess it's just meant to be.
  2. When did you write your first rhyme? I think I wrote my first rhyme in middle school.  It was the worst rhyme ever so I rather not share at this time lol.
  3. Why did you decide to write the "Natural" song? The "Natural" track developed pretty organically.  We basically wanted to shine some light on being yourself and embracing who you are as an individual.  It's not just about beautiful natural hair, it's about loving yourself and owning who you are at all times.  So many people get caught up on being like others and adding unnatural elements to their body.  We just wanted to show our appreciation for everyone at their natural state.
  4. What attracts you to a natural woman? The attitude that a woman displays when she loves herself at her natural state is the most attractive characteristic for me.  A woman with pride and dignity is always attractive.  It also feels good knowing that what you see is what you get. Natural women always deliver that genuine essence that seems rare now days.
  5. How can you be contact for anyone interested in hearing more? 

I'm excited to hear more from these guys! What are your thoughts?