Yesterday I uploaded a photo that was taken over the weekend by a photographer friend of mine that will be capturing my blog photos from this point forward! I was rocking my new flower crown I found while browsing through H&M a few days ago. Last summer I styled a similar head piece but with box braids and couldn't wait to see how this crown would look with my fro!  I think this came just in time for Spring and brought many questions to mind.

 Shot by:  Bryce

Shot by: Bryce


 photo credit:  hi-imcurrentlyobsessed
 Photo credit:  hi-imcurrentlyobsessed 
 Photo credit:  Askproy

Photo credit: Askproy

Do you rock hair accessories? If so, what type? How do you style your hair when rocking flowers them?

My sister/blogger bestest AskProy has a cute video of her styling cute flowers and/or flower crowns! Make sure you check out her blog as well and tell her I sent you.