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Black & Blue

Melissa ChanelComment

Yes, it's me! I know I've been MIA for a while, but traveling home to see family over the holiday, working from home, and trying to keep up with the blog got the best of me. I promise to plan better for the Christmas holiday. How many of you remember rocking the puffy vest back in high school? It has now become my favorite accessory, especially when layering for the NYC frigid temperature. Old Navy is my go to and always has the best options, ON SALE! 

Photography: Bryce


Are you holiday shopping this weekend? If so, this is the perfect look for you. 


Top: Old Navy| Vest: Old Navy| Pants: Urban Outfitters| Shoes: Prima Donna (sim)| Purse: Coach (old)| Hat: Borrowed (I have the best friends)| Jewels: H&M, Beauty Supply, MK (amazing jewels)