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Fake it

Melissa Chanel10 Comments

So you've heard of the saying "fake it until you make it," right? Well that's pretty much what I'm doing here! I've always wanted to work for myself and I know one day it WILL happen (claiming it). In July I celebrated my three year blogiversary (time flies) and I promised myself that the one thing I love to do will turn into a full-time job for me. So here I am, speaking it into existence. 


I can't lie, working for myself scares me a little. I'm so use to having stability and a check flowing in every two weeks that it makes me uncomfortable every time I think about it.  

Photography by: Bryce

Sweatshirt | Jacket (sim) | Boyfriend Jeans (sim) |  Lips | Shoes (sold out)


Living in New York has taught me so much about "the hustle!" It's all about knowing what you want, when you want it, and working hard to get it. I've met so many amazing people and I haven't even reached my 2 year mark yet. I'm excited to see where 2015 will take MelissaChanel and when I am a "Full-Time Fashion Blogger" I'll have this sweatshirt to rock proudly! 

Huge s/o to my blogger buddy Amberly for tagging me in this sweatshirt!