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Saturday + Link Up

Melissa ChanelComment

Happy Saturday! I hope you're enjoying breakfast in bed right now, it's a great way to start your day! My plate is full, but not with food; I have tons and tons to get done today. Since you're inside enjoying your cozy bed why not link up. Last minute Christmas shopping anyone? 

- My go to spot Old Navy has so many great deals going on right now. Gifts galore, save up to 60% off. 

- I'm addicted to these bangles and I'm not really a bracelet person. Add some to your collection please. 

- Did you guys see how stunning Rihanna was at her 1st Annual Diamond Ball on Thursday evening? WOW is all I have to say. 

- It's getting pretty cold outside! You know what that means, right?! It's time to bundle up. F21 has 30% off outerwear, sweaters, and accessories. HURRY

- I've been getting tons of questions about my hair! It's a protective style called crochet braids, book our appt today!  

- 30% off shoes and clothes?! Target, we'll take that. 

- Ugly Christmas Sweater Party anyone? (blog post coming soon) 

- Bloomingdale's has a few sales that may "BOW" you away, get it?! LOL

Happy Shopping!