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Saturday + Link up

Melissa ChanelComment
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Happy Saturday, so happy to have you join me! We're going to jump right into today's link up. 

- Macy's always has the perfect sale, Super Saturday 20% off. I'm so excited about the holiday window's, I'm already in the holiday spirit. 

- What, up to 50% off everything? Old Navy always comes through. 

- Any of my curly girls traveling over the holiday weekend? Kurlee Belle has the cutest travel pack for all your hair care needs. Stay tuned because I have some exciting news to share on Monday. 

- I've fell off when it comes to working out! I'm trying to get back on track starting Monday. How cute is this "Get Fit & Exercise Notepad?!" I think I need it. 

- I had so much fun dressing up as "Flawless Beyonce" for Halloween. I'll def dress up again next year. Be sure to follow me on IG, I'm checking some exciting things off my bucket list. Click here to find out what. 

-Clearance sale at Nordstrom, I'm here for it! 

- Fall into savings with Forever21, gosh they've been on it. 

-I really need some riding boots! I can't decide. Help, these or these?

Enjoy your weekend and I hope you didn't max your credit card with all the amazing sales going on.