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Gift Guide: The Bestie

Melissa Chanel1 Comment
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It feels so weird saying this, but the holidays are basically HERE! I love holiday season, especially since moving to New York. I enjoy being with family, choosing names for holiday gifts, ugly sweater parties, the lights, deciding on a tree, the list goes on and on. When it comes to shopping I'm usually last minute (don't judge), but this year I'm trying something different. Mark my words, I will be done Christmas shopping after Thanksgiving. I'll be visiting family for exactly a week and I plan on getting all my shopping done and leaving the gifts in NC so I wont have to worry about getting them delivered or trying to stuff them in my Christmas carry on.

Pillow | Perfume | Candle | Ipad Case | Scarf | Journal | Earrings | Bracelets | Nail polish | Socks | 

Beauty Product  | Cup | Shower gel | Makeup bag

I decided to start with the bestie gift guide because my best friend's are so easy to shop for. I always know exactly what they want most of the time and it's FUN. If you're having trouble let the bestie edition gift guide get you started. And guess what? Everything is under $100 bucks. 

Happy Shopping!

P.S.- If you're bestie is a guy (like mine), don't worry I have a treat for you next week! :-)