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Saturday + Linkin'

Melissa ChanelComment
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It's the weekend and I'm all about sleeping in, I mean who doesn't need beauty reset?! It's time for our new Saturday ritual, "the link up!" 

- Thinking about moving to New York? Here are 15 random things you should know before the move.

- The weather is changing..:-(! I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect winter coat. Old Navy has tons of options if you need one as well. 

- I'm currently crushin' on these Zara boots. What do you guys think? Do I NEEEED them?

- Guess what? Forever 21 has 20% off for friends and family ending tomorrow. I'm trying to decide on a plaid scarf!

- Check out my latest style post. Who's being Sporty Chic this weekend?

Enough relaxing and scrolling the web. Get up and enjoy this beautiful, chilly Saturday!